Let’s talk about the economics

Historically if you’ve wanted to sell branded merchandise you’ve had to order a bulk order of garments and hope you get the combination of sizes, styles and colors right.

Total order 100 units at a cost of $25.00 per unit = $2500.00

You then sell those for $35.00 = $10 profit per unit. Right? Wrong!

It’s unlikely you’ll sell all 100 units for the full retail price. Even if you fail to sell 20 units and have to give those away you’re facing a

80 x $10 profit = $800 minus the 20 at $25 so you’re down to $300 profit

Or the other option with Merch Kings is:

You do sell 100 units at a fixed percentage. This varies based on situation but say we’re using 15% of the sale price. $35 x 15% = $5.25

= $525.00 profit as well as

  • Not having to waste product

  • Not having to pay staff / deal with the shipping and ordering process

  • You’ll have the ability to sell more products and not just t shirts

  • You can offer various designs without the hassle of increased inventory